The Ryujinx team recently updated their FAQ to now include game-specific sections and troubleshooting methods. It’s a pretty comprehensive FAQ, covering pretty much every question you might have when it comes to emulating Nintendo Switch games. And now, if you’re wondering about Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, they’ve got you covered:

Any kind of questions you have about this title, the answer to all of them is: we don’t know.

So whether the game will have DRM, isn’t currently known. Some of us have speculated that, given the stance Denuvo has recently been taking with the “dangers” of emulation, and shortly thereafter Microsoft removing emulator support in retail mode on Xbox Series consoles, this series of events might indicate ToTK will have Denuvo DRM attached. The big N going after YouTubers like The Phawx, removing any kind of video having to do with Nintendo emulation, or even YouTubers promoting Breath of the Wild mods, is an even bigger indicator. They’re definitely not messing around (honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t taken any of my emulation videos down).

Even if the game will be able to be emulated on Steam Deck or any other device on day one, the Ryujinx team reminds you to temper your expectations when it comes to performance:

Please do not expect this game to run exactly like Breath of the Wild does on Cemu. Cemu has had years of development and modding efforts put into making Breath of the Wild the experience it currently is on it. Once Tears of the Kingdom comes out, it may or may not take a similarly long time for it to run on Ryujinx at 4k144fps with no issues.

They recommend using “the best CPU your budget allows” to get the game running decently.

What are your thoughts? If you’re planning on picking up the game, are you going to try to get it running on your Deck or other device?

Cover image credit: Nintendo

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