For the past several years, CryZENx has been working on a remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Initially going with Unreal Engine 4, the game is now rebased to Unreal 5.3.2. And finally, just a few days ago, they released their project, free to download for everyone. Keep in mind though this isn’t the complete game; only a select handful of levels are available as Young Link.

And holy crap, color me impressed by the visuals. The lighting is significantly better and more life-like. Not only is Link’s model graphically better, but there’s this cool effect that gets added when he rolls on the ground. Dirt will cover his entire outfit. Textures are significantly enhanced. Looks far better than Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Here’s some footage recorded on Steam Deck:

It’s also a bit of a bug fest. You’ll see in the video that some textures are missing in the Kokiri Forest. Link’s textures are messed up. These textures are fixed on the High and Ultra graphics presets, but I had to use Medium while recording because performance took a hit. You can swing your sword during a cutscene. You can’t roll when jumping off a high cliff to prevent height damage. Locking on to an enemy will usually put the camera at an odd angle. Deku nuts don’t seem to do anything. Aiming with the slingshot is very sensitive.

Download is available over on Patreon. Good luck if you can actually download the 10 GB zip file without Dropbox or Google Drive complaining that the file has been downloaded too many times. But you better download it now while the links are live; I’ve got a feeling the big N is keeping their eyes peeled on this project.

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