So just as I was about to splurge $100 on a capture card, just for the sake of recording Steam Deck footage, I discovered a plugin for Crankshaft: Recapture. This plugin allows you to record on the Deck – in much the same way as capture software like OBS – without the need for an external capture card.

I tried it briefly with MultiVersus. At native 800p resolution and high settings, the framerate didn’t dip at all while recording. Stayed at a solid 60 FPS! Audio is captured as well. For a three-and-a-half minute video, the recording was about 300 MB. Quality is decent; you can see the raw video on YouTube. Be aware that framerates may dip depending on how demanding the game you’re playing is. There’s also no way of pausing while recording.

It goes without saying that you should use Crankshaft at your own risk. Quinn from our Matrix channel mentions this:

I wouldn’t use Crankshaft, due to their method of injecting into the router and editing JS files. They’re also currently injecting the qam tab by using the raw DOM, which likely screws with the JS of the Deck at a fundamental level like that. Decky-Loader is safer, to a degree.

You can see the source code for Crankshaft on GitHub. Source code for Recapture can be found here. Maybe we can get Recapture ported over to Decky-Loader at some point. So while you can save yourself some money by not getting a capture card, you might end up paying for your security instead.