WinesapOS – the portable Linux distro that lets you use Linux on any flash drive without having to install it – has evolved from alpha to beta to what is now the release candidate. Here’s some noteworthy changes:

  • VirtualBox support in addition to VMware Fusion/Workstation. The latter is recommended for 3D acceleration
  • improved Mac support, with better fan control and Wi-Fi support
  • PolyMC has now been replaced with Prism Launcher for your Minecraft needs
  • improved Xbox and Xbox 360 controller support
  • the NVIDIA Flatpak runtime is now updated whenever the distro is upgraded – this prevents upgrade issues

As with the beta release there are some known issues with workarounds:

  • Steam Deck client shows corrupt graphics – use “Steam Desktop” instead
  • Steam Deck client can’t login – check the guide on PS4Linux for troubleshooting tips

See the patch notes for the release candidate on GitHub. To see all the changes since WinesapOS entered 3.2.0, see the patch notes here.