Wine 8.3 is out and comes with the following:

Along with this are 29 bug fixes. Gaming-related fixes are in bold:

  • 3D Sexvilla 2: extremely long loading times
  • Path of Exile stutters constantly
  • Setup of game “What’s the Secret?” fails to create icon
  • Sacred: unhandled exception in Wine 7.14
  • Escape from Tarkov needs DisplayConfigGetDeviceInfo(DISPLAYCONFIG_DEVICE_INFO_GET_TARGET_NAME) implementation
  • Saints Row: The Third heavy rain causes heavy FPS reductions
  • Untis 2015 (.NET 4.0 app) crashes on startup with Wine-Mono
  • Multiple PC/SC applications need winscard.SCardEstablishContext implementation (AusweisApp2 1.x german identity card app, SmartCard test apps, Seneka EBDYS client, Aruba Key)
  • Multiple PC/SC applications need winscard.SCardListReaders implementation (Aruba key, SmartCard test apps)
  • Freelist scan can result in O(n) time when allocating
  • Button not clickable when dpi setting changed in Office 2007 Installer
  • Wine heap performs badly when multiple threads are concurrently allocating or freeing memory
  • 6.0.1 Introduces error causing Wavelab to close when loading presets
  • ntdll:rtlstr test crashes on win32 arch with hi-IN locale
  • KeePassXC needs Windows.Security.Credentials.KeyCredentialManager (UWP)
  • rouvy: fails to update with server, unimplemented function bthprops.cpl.BluetoothRegisterForAuthenticationEx
  • shlwapi:ordinal- test_SHFormatDateTimeA() fails on the mixed locales configuration
  • Swift crashes due to unimplemented api-ms-win-core-realtime-l1-1-1.dll.QueryUnbiasedInterruptTimePrecise function
  • Missing ntdll.RtlAddressInSectionTable() implementation causes all GraalVM Native Image exes to crash on load
  • Hardwar UIM6.0 crashes in 8.0, doesn’t in 6.0.3
  • dbghelp:dbghelp- The test_loaded_modules() enumeration fails on Windows 10 1607
  • riched20:editor- test_EM_GETSELTEXT() fails in the Hindi locale on Windows
  • The 64-bit oleaut32:usrmarshal crashes in Wine
  • Rich Edit crashes when Ctrl+Right is pressed at past the final paragraph
  • riched20:richole- subtest_InsertObject() fails in the Hindi locale on Windows
  • SpeedCommander 20 installer crashes on unimplemented function SHELL32.dll.Shell_GetCachedImageIndexW
  • kernel32:locale- test_NLSVersion() fails on Windows 10 22H2
  • kernel32:locale- The non-breaking space GetNumberFormatEx() test fails on Windows 11
  • kernel32:locale- The NtGetNlsSectionPtr() test fails on Windows 11

See the patch notes on WineHQ for more info.

Cover image credit: Grinding Gear Games