Wine 8.2 just released, and with it is 22 bug fixes, “better debug information” in Wow64 mode, Indeo IV50 codec support, Wow64 thunks in the WPCAP library, and “monitor names set from EDID data.” Some other features have made it in as well.

Bug fixes are as follows (gaming-related fixes are in bold):

  • The Void crashes with builtin d3dx9_36 (needs D3DXFillCubeTextureTX() to return S_OK)
  • vbscript fails to compile when colon follows Else in If…Else
  • GOG Heroes of Might and Magic IV crashes on launch
  • Switching active window (alt+tab or otherwise) away from Final Fantasy XI causes keyboard keys to remain pressed
  • Regression: Visual Studio 2005 “package load failure”
  • STDOUT lost from a forked program on Cygwin/MSYS2
  • SubLab VST3 plugin fails to register (needs Windows.System.Profile.SystemManufacturers.SmbiosInformation)
  • New typelib marshaller depends on IID_IDispatch support from target interface
  • opengl32:opengl - test_copy_context() crashes on w11pro64_nv
  • d3dcompiler_43:hlsl_d3d11 & d3dcompiler_47:hlsl_d3d11 - test_trig() fails on w11pro64_nv
  • Rich Edit inserts newly composed text at wrong position when system IME composition ends while a selection is active
  • loader won’t launch from PATH unless named “wine”
  • vbscript memory leak in For Each with SafeArray as group
  • vbscript memory leaks in interp_redim_preserve
  • vbscript memory leaks in Global_Split
  • Wrong version value is returned from win32_operatingsystem on win10 (regression)
  • dbghelp:dbghelp - The 64-bit test_modules() fails on Windows 7
  • user32:msg - test_message_conversion()’s broadcast test fails on Windows 7 and 10
  • getenv_s returns the wrong value
  • VarAbs() does not handle BSTR arguments correctly
  • vbscript fails to compile when statement follows ElseIf
  • vbscript fails to compile concat when used without space and expression begins with H

See the patch notes at WineHQ.

Cover image credit: Square Enix