Wine 8.0 has now been declared as stable. In it were five release candidates which “represents a year of development effort” and over 8,600 changes. The main achievement of this release, as brought out in the patch notes, “is the completion of the conversion to PE format.” The PE conversion itself took four years worth of work! But it’s important to have as this, as this is a “milestone on the road to supporting various features” such as copy protection and x86 application support on ARM.

There’s also “WoW64 thunks.” Eventually this will make it “fully possible to run 32-bit Windows applications without any 32-bit Unix library.”

In the gaming department we’ve got a couple of nice features:

  • “greatly improved” controller hotplugging support
  • “better implemented” driving wheel detection and reporting, with improved force feedback
  • redesigned joystick control panel with new graphics and dedicated view for XInput pads
  • DualShock/DualSense hidraw support
  • new programming interface for gamepads/driving wheels
  • “major performance improvements” for Direct3D due to “optimizations related to streaming map acceleration”
  • recognition for more graphics cards

Some other changes:

  • light theme enabled by default “for a more modern look”
  • print processor architecture implemented “to avoid direct PE<->Unix calls in the printer driver”
  • “effects” support for Direct2D, including “description parsing and a number of core objects”
  • support for Vulkan driver 1.3.237
  • multiple viewport and scissor rectangle support for the Vulkan renderer
  • Vulkan renderer limits max D3D feature level based on available Vulkan features
  • MPEG-1 layers 1-3 implemented on top of GStreamer
  • ASF reader filter support
  • “content type resolution” improved in media foundation player
  • better support for the enhanced video renderer, with DirectShow filter support
  • reduced disk space and address space usage with the implementation of the ApiSetSchema database
  • Mono updated to 7.4.0
  • updates to various bundled libraries, including Faudio, Zlib, and more
  • RSA encryption/signing

See the rest of the patch notes on WineHQ. Congrats to the Wine team, CodeWeavers, Valve, and whoever else contributed to this huge release!