New update for Wine is now out. Notable features with this update include the OpenGL library converted to PE, support for multi-architecture PE build, and more preparation work for Vulkan 32-on-64 support:

  • OpenGL library converted to PE.
  • Support for multi-architecture PE builds.
  • More preparation work for Vulkan 32-on-64 support.
  • Support for creating import libraries without dlltool.
  • Locale data updates.
  • Various bug fixes.

In addition, 25 bugs got fixed, including the black screen fix for Hades when running in Vulkan mode, StarBurn 13 crashing when disabling skins, the fatal error when starting up fotoBiz X, controller fix for Euphoria, as well as a few other titles.

See the full patch notes at WineHQ.

Cover image credit: Supergiant Games