Wine 7.12 released earlier today. Here’s the changelog:

  • Theming support for Qt5 applications.
  • Bundled vkd3d upgraded to version 1.4.
  • Improved effect support in Direct2D.
  • QWORD support in registry tools.
  • Various bug fixes.

A total of 13 bugs were fixed, including:

  • Star Citizen: No mic input audio (used for voip)
  • StarCitizen launcher crashes on start with a winmm error
  • Shogun Total War 2 crashes on start up. (Main Application.)
  • Approach (Smart Suite) crashes when trying to print to cups-pdf
  • Argentum 20 RPG Launcher has graphical glitches
  • Incorrect display of selected buttons in Light theme.
  • Wireshark shows black rectangle on various places if light theme is enabled
  • MetaTrader4 stopped working properly with wine 7.10
  • Rich edit control becomes unstable or trips assertion after ITextRange::SetFont is called
  • Rich edit control becomes unstable or trips assertion after changing TextFont properties
  • aria2 needs QueryContextAttributes(SECPKG_ATTR_CIPHER_INFO) to return a valid version
  • The 32-bit evr:evr crashes almost systematically on the TestBot’s Wine VMs
  • The 32-bit mfplat:mfplat crashes on the TestBot debian11 VM

See the patch notes over on WineHQ.

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