So, I happened to be scrolling through my Twitter feed just a few minutes ago, and I came across a post and a reply by Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais.

Irdeto, the company behind Denuvo, recently Tweeted this:

What dangers game emulation brings to the gaming industry, how can you, a developer, be impacted, and how can you prevent it from negatively affecting your business? Download our free e-book.

I’m not even going to link to the download of the e-book.

You should see some of the responses to the Tweet. They’re pretty hilarious:

Twitter responses

What actually surprised me was a response came from Griffais as well:

How do you dislike a Tweet again?

A few minutes later he clarifies:

Not that I condone game piracy through emulation, but this is a very short-sighted view. How do you make sure a game someone bought will work 20 years from now? How would Apple and Microsoft have compelling ARM offerings without being able to take your content with you?

So, if you wanted to know whether Valve is a bit pissed about Denuvo, well, now you’ve got your answer.

And Denuvo is just becoming increasingly a nuisance. Back in the summer Irdeto said they’d be Denuvo’ing DLC. Not long after that they supposedly added anti-piracy measures to emulated Nintendo Switch titles, although to be honest, I have yet to see any Switch game take any sort of anti-piracy measure with this (cough the probable exception would be Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom).

If you want to reply to the original Tweet, be my guest. I’d love to see more hate thrown towards Irdeto.

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