There’s no shortage of heated debates on Twitter. One example that comes to mind is Ubisoft’s stance on Steam Deck support. Keep in mind these Tweets were originally tweeted in French, so Google Translate won’t exactly provide word-for-word English translations.

One customer tweeted a photo of their Deck with a launcher error and complained:

Following the latest update of this crap from Ubisoft Connect, no more Ubisoft games are launching on Steam Deck and Linux, congratulations Ubisoft! Stop pissing off players with your shitty launcher!

Believe it or not, Ubisoft actually responded. At least, the France support account did. They responded as follows:

The Steam Deck runs on Linux with modifications to run Windows games. Linux is not supported by Ubisoft Connect. As mentioned, Valve released an official patch yesterday to address this issue.

Another angry response later, Ubisoft Support France continued:

Our games are available on Steam, PC compatible. The Steam Deck has Windows game compatibility developed by Valve, therefore requiring their intervention. We cannot therefore guarantee platform compatibility.

Interestingly enough, interpreted their response as “that’s a job for Valve.” Well, even if that isn’t the literal translation, that’s basically what we can boil their response down to. Seems like a contradictory statement, considering the English Ubisoft support account responded to someone yesterday saying “our teams are aware of some games not being able to run on Steam Deck systems and are actively working on a resolution.

Even though Wednesday’s update to Proton Experimental apparently fixed the Ubisoft Connect launcher, as well as the 2K launcher, I’m looking at the patch notes again and it seems like the bullet point for the Ubisoft Connect launcher fix is no longer present. Did Ubisoft break their launcher once again?

In any event, if third-party launchers died, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with any of this crap.

Cover image credit: Franck Dillies

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