Three characters are on a mission to save the dying multiverse. They each have a parallel “self” that guides them on their journey. The worlds are procedurally generated, set in a sci-fi setting. Each character has their own world to explore.

Trinity Fusion is a 2.5D, Metroidvania-styled action roguelike. There are enemies to be destroyed, upgrades to be had, and new biomes to explore.

Note: Trinity Fusion is currently in early access.

So far during my playthrough, it hasn’t been that bad. The game is developed and published by Angry Mob Games, who also worked on the platform fighter Brawlout. Enemies might range from a flying octopus to more mecha-like creatures, with lasers that shoot from their eyes. And yup, bosses are here too.

In-game character interaction

Each character comes with their own set of weapons. One carries a sword. Another carries a rifle. But as enemies are defeated, or when a certain “perk” is collected, the characters can change their weapons at will. Instead of throwing ice-based projectiles, for example, the new weapon will allow fire-based attacks. You’ll have to pick and choose which ones you’ll come across your journey; some have good stats, others, not so great.

There are also some other areas in the game where the character’s stats can be boosted. One example might be where the character’s speed is increased after defeating a certain amount of enemies. Up to five of these boosts can be equipped at a time.

Combat is fairly basic. You’re kind of just button-mashing the X button to keep the character swinging their sword. The Y button is for magic attacks, or a stronger variation of their normal attack. I’d like to see some more complex combat mechanics as the game progresses further in development, like being able to use a combination of weak and strong attacks in the same combo by pressing different buttons.

fighting a boss

Because there’s roguelike elements to this game, you have to start back from square one when your character dies. At first you only have one character to choose from, but depending on how far you got, you might have unlocked the next character. If you collected enough in-game currency, you can unlock permanent upgrades, thus making subsequent trips to the multiverse a bit easier.

Works Great on Deck

The developers are giving priority to Steam Deck compatibility:

We’re aiming to make sure that even in Early Access, Trinity Fusion will be a first-class experience on the Steam Deck. We’ve been constantly testing the game on the handheld to make sure the game stays at a rock-solid framerate while still looking so good. We think we’ve nailed it.

When playing on Deck, there’s a custom graphics preset made precisely for it, “that ensures the game stays locked at 60 FPS while not putting too much of a drain on your batteries.”

Deck Golden 40

Nice. I personally prefer the Golden 40, though, so I have the resolution set to 864 x 486, Medium graphics settings, TDP limit set to 6 W, and GPU clock speed set to 600 MHz, with the FSR filter enabled.

More Good Stuff to Come

Apparently the game has been four years in development, but the developers have already outlined their plans for the future:

  • better “mod” support - the in-game boosts that the game provides for each character
  • a more challenging difficulty option
  • more detailed lore and progression screen
  • new tutorial

And less than a week ago an update addressed some of this already, and added some bug fixes/tweaks.

fighting a mech

Is it worth the $25? Eh, I guess. Might be worth waiting a few months and see where the game is at that point. The story is in here already, but the combat is a bit meh. Good Steam Deck compatibility though.


The good:

  • works great on Deck
  • tons of different mods and perks to use
  • permanent upgrades can be unlocked after being defeated

The not-so-good:

  • combat is a bit barebones

Trinity Fusion is available on Steam.

Review key provided by Terminals.