While I’m not a fan of dbrand’s prices, I do admire their audacity.

Earlier this year dbrand invented the SwitchDeck, a skin for the Deck that largely resembles the original appearance of the Switch. And now, they’ve created Clone of the Kingdom. As you might imagine, it’s a Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-inspired skin for both the Switch and the Steam Deck.

Contrary to popular belief, you need to spend money to save money. Specifically, by giving it to us. You see, when one of the world’s most litigious companies announces a $359.99 price tag to replace your Switch with a limited edition variant, only dbrand is up to the challenge of charging you slightly less for a “creative reinterpretation” of their overpriced novelty console. If a dollar saved is a dollar earned, Clone of the Kingdom is the easiest $310.04 you’ve ever made.

Clone of the Kingdom Steam Deck skin

You should read the rest of their product page for a good chuckle. You may notice the Triforce on the Switch version was replaced with The Eye of Providence. Somehow, The Verge was able to decode the text on the skin as reading, “Go f**k yourself lawyers.” The code surrounding the circle is decoded as, “This funds our legal defense.”

That’s on the Switch version of the skin, anyway. There’s some text on the Steam Deck version; I’m not sure if it’s any different. Looking it up didn’t bring any results.

I can’t help but put a smile of satisfaction on my face as the very company is giving the big N the big middle finger.

You can order the skin on dbrand’s website. The $50 price tag is a little over the top for my tastes, but hey, no other company would have the courage to stand up to Nintendo’s lawyers like this.