The Thelio Major by System76 is their “most powerful gaming system, placing some of the largest GPUs on the market in a machine engineered for quiet, effective cooling.” Today, the case gets a redesign. First, the I/O shield on the back is now removable. This allows the user to replace the motherboard with a different one if they so desire. Though this is for the Major, “other Thelio models” should get this feature as well in the future.

Secondly, the upper chassis has been re-inforced. Now it has a “much stronger GPU brace.” Adam Balla told me in a call that the RTX 40-series is something like four pounds in weight, so this stronger brace is a good idea. There’s also “bead rolling” to the manufacturing process, adding overall stability to holding the parts inside the Thelio.

Thelio Major by System76 backplate

Alex Timmerman from System76 explains in a video these changes, so you can look at that to get a better visual idea.

Good news is I will actually be getting a review unit soon, with a Ryzen 7000-series APU and a RTX 40-series GPU (I think it will be the 4090). So stay tuned for that!

In the meantime you can buy yours on sale for $2,499. Shipping starts November 28th.