The Thelio desktop family by System76 recently got a visual refresh. Now the base Thelio, as well as the Thelio Mira, are receiving a refresh in the processor department. Previously, if you went with Intel, you would have a 12th-gen processor. For AMD, you had the Ryzen 5000 series. Now, Intel has been upgraded to 13th-gen. Per the press documentation, this new CPU clocks in “about 40% faster with multithreaded tasks” over the previous generation.

The Ryzen APUs have also been upgraded to the 7000 series. This features “significantly higher clock speed” compared to the 6000 series, with a speed of 4.5-5.7 GHz; a huge boost over the 3.4-5.0 GHz that the prior generation offered.

Build your rig on System76’s website. Currently, System76 is running a promotion now through November 1st. The more you upgrade your desktop, the higher the discounts. For example, customers can save up to $700 on the Thelio Mira with AMD, and up to $765 can be saved on the base Thelio with Intel.

Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get my hands on a review unit.