The Gazelle laptop from System76 got a 13th-gen Intel CPU upgrade (i9, 14 cores, 20 threads, max speed of 5.4 GHz) last month. Now, the company is also giving the Adder Workstation (WS) and Serval WS a refresh as well.

The Adder WS can now be paired with a 40-series GPU from NVIDIA (up to the 4070). It also comes with a 13th-gen Intel processor (i9-13900HX with 24 cores and 32 threads) and DDR5 RAM. According to System76, the 4070 will have a “54% higher clock speed” than the previous gen Adder WS. Prices start at $1600.

S76 Adder WS

Similar to the Adder WS, the Serval WS comes with the i9-13900HX and the RTX 4070. But now you can upgrade the 17" display to 4K. Alternatively you can opt for a 1080p panel with a 165 Hz refresh rate. Prices start at $1800 and will start shipping mid-May.

But here’s the kicker: System76 has announced an upgrade to the Bonobo WS, which is the company’s “most powerful laptop.” It will sport the i9-13900HX, DDR5 RAM, and can be equipped with the RTX 4090. A nice upgrade to this new model is that it’s also “one pound lighter and 43% thinner than the previous Bonobo WS.” It has a 17", 4K panel. Prices start at $3300.

Finally, System76 has updated their laptop page so you can compare each laptop at a glance. You can use their chart to figure out which laptop is best for you, including how many USB ports you want, the resolution/refresh rate, and the amount of maximum storage it can be equipped with.

S76 laptop comparison graph

See System76’s website for more details.

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