If you’re looking for a keyboard, System76 has every option out there. Whether you want the standard Launch, the Launch Lite for a more affordable keyboard without the USB hub, or want to have as many features as possible with the new Launch Heavy, your bases have been covered.

Apparently the Launch Heavy has been around for the past few weeks, even though the embargo lift date wasn’t until today. At any rate, here’s the features it has over the standard launch:

  • it includes a NumPad
  • it has more keycaps for physical keyboard customization, such as the S76 and Pop!_OS logos

Not sure if that justifies the extra $100 it tacks over the original Launch, which is already at $200. But it’s an option if you can afford it.

Launch Heavy LEDs on

As with the other Launch keyboards, it’s fully open-source, from the chassis and PCB, to the keyboard configuration software, to the firmware.

Price for the Launch Heavy is $300. Get yours on System76’s website. Trailer is available on YouTube.