My acquaintance Gardiner Bryant just posted a video going over the differences between the review unit of the Deck he got in February, and the Q3 one he received not too long ago. Mind you, though the differences are subtle, the Q3 Deck is better in just about every way. Here’s what I’ve extracted from the video – the Q3 Deck has the following advantages:

  • it’s a whopping 0.2 ounces lighter
  • it has a more distinct texture on both the chassis and the trackpads. Described as “grippier” and “provides a more solid hold”
  • the thumbsticks don’t collect as much thumbprints or residue
  • the fan is more quiet (presumably he has the Huaying fan)
  • Q1 fan smells like “a Best Buy” while the Q3 fan smells like “a furniture store.” Make what you will of that. He admits that he sniffs the fumes
  • Q1 SSD is from Phison (PS5013 E13). Q3 SDD is from Kingston (0N3PDP3). The latter is still an x4, not x2 like Valve has subtly been putting into some Q3 Decks. No mention on which one is faster; presumably they’re the same speed
  • Steam and Quick Access menu buttons are more clicky (a welcome improvement)

q1 and q3 deck texture comparison

I don’t have two Decks so I can compare myself, but I guess it’s good news for those of you in the Q3 category. You’ll get a lighter-by-a-feather, more grippy, less residue-ish, quieter, more clicky, and a more furniture-store-smelling Deck than if you owned one back in Q1 (or maybe even Q2?). Props to Gardiner for making this comparison.