SteamTinkerLaunch version 11.11, codenamed “!Elfeins” came out yesterday. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Polish translation updated
  • non-Steam Proton games should now launch
  • obs-vkcapture was changed to obs-gamecapture so OpenGL and Vulkan games can be recorded
  • non-Steam games are now listed as a category
  • Deck improvements; cabextract is now handled automatically, and a differentiation has been added when running the launcher in Game Mode versus Desktop Mode
  • custom Proton list is now automatically updated if newly added Proton versions are possibly missing
  • several bug fixes and improvements

To coincide with this release, ProtonUp-Qt has also been updated to fix the STL installer.

YouTuber Hi-Tech Lo-Life recently did a video on STL, and describes it as “a Swiss army knife utility for your Deck.” Check it out if you want to learn more about the project!

See the patch notes on GitHub.