Have a look at these benchmarks:

hitman 3

doom eternal

elden ring

Yeah. In case you hadn’t caught up on the news yet, just take a look at how much better SteamOS handles Hitman 3 than Windows on the Deck from Linus Tech Tips’ video. 15 FPS better on average at Medium settings. Holy crap. Doom Eternal and Elden Ring were also tested, and they also clearly outperformed on SteamOS than the Windows version. Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips said “it was just annihilation…Linux just ran away from Windows.”

Just goes to show how far more optimized Proton and Linux gaming have become over the years. Or maybe the GPU driver for Windows needs a bit more time to mature. Even then, Linux will likely still be the dominant factor.

Jason Evangelho from Linux4Everyone joined in on the fun and posted the results for comparing Cyberpunk 2077 between the two operating systems. The SteamOS version runs 18% faster.

Do I really need to leave any further comment?

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