A new Steam Deck client update has been pushed to the stable branch, with the simultaneous release of a new SteamOS beta update. To start, let’s go over the changes for the client.

The page that make up the patch notes is quite big. Slider controls are more precise when it comes to large ranges. Fixes have been added for scrolling on the home recommended screen and the What’s New section not properly being populated. A couple of crashes have been fixed in regards to Bluetooth, audio, and screenshot management.

The OSK’s responsiveness has been improved, and tons of fixes have been added to things like missing keystrokes and buttons that were cut off. Media page performance has been improved; useful for those with many screenshots. The Media page also shows more screenshots at a time, and the screenshots can be scrolled via the D-pad.

Steam Input got plenty of improvements and fixes. The virtual menus have received a “visual refresh,” and general performance has been improved. Mode Shifts have been added, external controllers can be shut off via the gamepad’s Guide button, and, well, there’s just way too many bug fixes here to mention.

Along with the Deck client update is a new beta update for SteamOS. External display output resolution and refresh rate options are now available in the Display settings (keep in mind you’ll need to be opted to the Deck client beta in order to use this). Frame pacing when compositing, such as when FSR is being used, has been improved, as well as touch detection speeds. Fixes have been added for SD card format operation fails and random haptic feedback. This, and plenty of other fixes.

See the patch notes for the Deck client here, and the SteamOS beta update here.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.