SteamOS 3.4.6 has shipped to stable users. As a reminder, SteamOS (or as Valve now calls it, “Steam Deck OS”) 3.4.6 upgraded the Mesa driver to version 23.1. This upgrade should fix “graphical corruption issues” with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, although interestingly enough, the “several upcoming titles” tidbit from the beta patch notes has been omitted with this update. If you’re a fan of DOOM Eternal, well, welcome to the next-gen upgrade with ray-tracing! Seems to be working quite well.

In addition, Resident Evil 4 should no longer have any graphical corruption issues. Finally, Mesa 23.1 should provide reduced shader cache time – something that we all desperately needed.

One last thing – Forza Horizon 5 has a focus issue fixed.

See the patch notes on Steam.