This week there four updates to the beta Steam Deck client and one preview update for SteamOS. As you might expect, quite a number of fixes made it in, from Desktop Mode, to Steam Input, to the screenshot manager, and everything in-between.

Monday - SteamOS Update with GPU Crash Fix

SteamOS 3.4.8 (preview) updates the graphics driver that fixes a GPU crash with Splitgate.

Tuesday - Spell-Check Toggle

Tuesday’s Deck client update adds “minor performance improvements when changing sections,” adds a toggle for spell-check when making notes, and includes several fixes for the screenshot manager, friends and chat, in-game overlay, BPM, Steam Input, and Remote Play Together.

Wednesday and Thursday - Achievements Filter, Dynamic Scaling

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s updates were minor in nature. Wednesday added a filter to the Achievements list and restores the display of Special Offers in the What’s New section. Thursday added a few fixes for Desktop Mode and ‘dynamically updates the UI’s scaling factor when the system scaling setting changes.’

Friday - Notification Indicators, Desktop Mode Improvements

On Friday “new notification indicators” were added, adds new “In Progress” section to the Achievements panel in Desktop Mode, tons of fixes/improvements for Desktop Mode, and Steam Input updates the Controller Summary page “so that it scales better at different sizes.”

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.