Last week were three beta client updates for the Steam Deck and a stable update to SteamOS.

Tuesday - Bell Icon

If there’s not enough disk space available when downloading an update to a game, there should be an error now before running the game. A bell icon has been added to the header when there is a new notification. Rumble on DualShock gamepads is now fixed. Desktop Mode also gets a few fixes.

Wednesday - “Other” Tooltip and Stable SteamOS Update

An in-game overlay issue with the tabbed browser has been fixed. In Desktop Mode, a “Other” tooltip has been added that explains what it contains. There’s also been two fixes for Desktop Mode.

The same day, SteamOS 3.4.8 shipped to stable with a fix for Splitgate and improved performance with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Thursday - Desktop Fixes Galore

Steam’s servers should still be able to be connected to when resuming from sleep. Desktop Mode gets plenty of fixes, and a setting has been added to “let a user decide whether Ready to Play should include streaming and whether the local computer should be the default in details.” Steam Input gets a fix for Joystick Dead Zones and gyro smoothing. Finally, a bug that caused “plain UDP connections to fail with authentication disabled” has been fixed.