Four beta client updates have shipped to the Steam Deck last week. This week mostly focused on quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to Desktop Mode.

Monday - Image Support for Game Notes

Everything about this update was for Desktop Mode. Images can now be pasted into Game Notes, the screenshot manager has been updated to support non-Steam games better, and there were plenty of fixes.

Tuesday - More Desktop Mode Fixes

More Desktop Mode stuff. A minimize and maximize button have been added to the standalone tabbed browser, and half-a-dozen bug fixes fixes the Downloads section, the EULA, and others. An issue has also been fixed where “locally installed tools” were prevented “from being used as default Steam Play option.”

Wednesday - Battery Full Lingery

The “Battery Full” icon only lingers in the header for five seconds now, as opposed to 60 seconds before. Manual proxy settings should now be properly applied to the integrated web browser. Rumble request frequency has been reduced – this may fix “latency in some gyro over Bluetooth setups.” A few mouse input fixes were made for Desktop Mode.

Friday - Clockin’ Time

The clock gets some love. The 24-hour time setting has been moved from Friends & Chat, since it was a duplicate from the one under General. The 12-hour clock is no longer forced on users who didn’t explicity select the 24-hour clock. A “hidden achievements” summary has been added to the bottom of the in-progress panel, and the “Invite Friend to Lobby” dialog has been improved.

Desktop Mode gets a ton of fixes and tweaks, from the “hitbox” of the bottom bar buttons, the in-game overlay, and the notification system.