It was a busy week with Steam Deck updates. There was a beta update to the client every day except Wednesday, and each update had plenty of fixes, particularly for Steam in Desktop Mode. A feature or two has been added here and there, with a find bar, comment thread location update, and Steam finally honoring the system’s global scale factor.

Monday - HTTP Transfer Fix

Monday’s update fixed a crash related to HTTP transfers, adds four fixes to Desktop Mode, and fixes Virtual Menus.

Tuesday - Find Bar

A “find bar” was implemented in a web page with Tuesday’s update. The product name when activating said product was added. The first unread comment in a thread is where you’ll go to now when tapping a comment notification. You now have the option to restart later rather than restarting immediately when applying certain settings. Missing inputs have been added to the “Listen” dialog. Many fixes made it in with the UI, the screenshot manager, and Steam Input.

Thursday - Bits-Per-Second

With Thursday’s update, the default display with the download rate has been changed to bits per second. The download throttle setting field is now honored when adjusting the bits-per-second/bytes-per-second toggle. Desktop Mode got much love with this update; tons of fixes to the Friends List, screenshot manager, and the in-game overlay.

Friday - The Big Black Rectangle

Finally, the “big black rectangle” sometimes showing up in “small mode” when starting up should no longer appear with Friday’s update. Context menus should no longer get “squashed” in “small mode.” Steam Input gets a fix, and Steam now uses “the system’s global scale factor as configured in KDE/Gnome settings.” These changes are all for Desktop mode.

I counted the word “fixed” 33 times for this week. Yeah, that’s a lot of fixes. So when those of us on the stable branch get an update, it’s going to be pretty big.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.