This week saw three beta updates to the Steam Deck client. Desktop Mode continues to get plenty of fixes, and there have been some adjustments as far as the gyroscope.

Tuesday - SLR Fix, Nintendo Switch “Simple Mode”

Steam Linux Runtime compatibility tools not being installed to support certain titles should now be fixed. Steam Input gets a lot of love; Switch gamepads change into simple mode when Steam Input isn’t active, and turns off the home LED. “The correction toward the average has now been removed,” as far as the gyro using yaw correction-to-the-average-heading, which was causing subtle drift over time. There’s reduced “ouija effect” when fine aiming with gyro as joystick.

Five fixes made it in for Desktop Mode, and “several items on the friends list context menu” has been rearranged and reworded to make them more clear.

Thursday - Favorite Server by IP Address

More fixes for Desktop Mode. There should no longer be a hang when streaming from a Linux PC. Favorite servers can be added by IP address in the server browser. Double-clicking the Steam icon from the system tray now opens to the default Steam window. Performance of the interface in the overlay with animated Steam avatars has been improved. Steam Input also gets a fix concerning the gyro.

Friday - Desktop Mode Fixes

Three fixes for Desktop Mode: one for GPU accelerated rendering, another for chat windows, and a third for clipped window controls.