Last week there were three beta client updates for the Steam Deck. Desktop Mode gets over a dozen fixes, improved responsiveness, and a battery indicator. This, along with a few improvements to Steam Input.

Tuesday - Soft-Lock Fix

There is no longer a soft-lock when a game requests that async game notifs be enabled. Steam Input gets a fix for some Switch Pro gamepads not getting recognition after the last Steam update, and the notif for “Action Set Changed” should now properly appear when changing an action set.

Desktop Mode gets five fixes.

Thursday - Battery Indicator for Desktop Mode

Some “small organization and clarity changes” have been made to notif settings. Two issues have been fixed regarding Steam Guard code and a “rare achievement animation” not playing when Steam wasn’t focused.

Desktop Mode gets another five fixes, and some improvements have been made to the screenshot manager. A battery indicator has been added to the desktop overlay.

Friday - Fix for Sleep Mode

There should no longer be a hang when resuming the device from sleep. Steam Input gets two fixes where configs could fail to get deleted, or they disappear from the config browser after deleting a different config.

Desktop Mode gets improved responsivity of the systray menu, and an error gets properly shown “when failing to load existing awards given when showing the award dialog for user generated content, reviews, discussion posts, and comments.” There have also been four bug fixes.