During the week of June 19th there were four beta client updates and one stable update. Three of the beta updates made it into the stable update on Wednesday.

Monday - In-game Overlay Data Deletion

DualSense gamepads should now work properly when hotplugged. Three fixes for Desktop Mode, and in-game overlay data can now be cleared in the game’s Properties menu.

Tuesday - Desktop Mode Fixes and Gyro Calibration Change

Overlay UI no longer soft-locks when inviting a friend to a game. Sharing screenshots should now function properly. Desktop Mode gets half-a-dozen bug fixes, and gyro calibration now uses a time window to calibrate rather than a fixed number of samples.

Wednesday - QAM Rendering Fix

Main menu and QAM should now render properly after entering a PIN at the lock screen. “Minimum Rumble Sustain” has been reverted from 3 seconds back to 10. Gyro/accelerometer support has been added to more third-party Switch gamepads.

Later that day, all of these changes were baked into the stable update.

Friday - Non-Steam Game Fixes

Screenshots for the proper non-Steam game should now be shown. The client window opening at login or when started with -silent flag for certain startup locations is now fixed. On Windows, non-Steam games should now be able to be properly added. Finally, a spoiler alert is now shown before viewing hidden achievements.