This week there were three beta client updates for the Steam Deck.

Tuesday - Sort Filter by Date Added

Three fixes for the wrong FPS limit being applied on startup, controller input thread operating at normal speed rather than high scheduling priority, and the styling on the login error screen. In the game library, you can now sort by date added to library to shelves and game grids.

You can now set timestamps in the Steam console window, and said window now keeps the last several seconds of output. The dev console gets two fixes.

Wednesday - Copy/Paste Controller Input Mappings

There should no longer be a “hitch” for users with large libraries that occur every 15 minutes while playing a game. The Special Offers section has a better presentation and localization of items. Users can now copy and paste mappings when setting up controller inputs.

Friday - Display Scaling in Overlay in Desktop Mode

For Desktop Mode, an in-game setting has been added to allow enabling or disabling display scaling in the overlay. A minimize button has been added to the overlay browser, and all tabs are now cleared when the close button is clicked/tapped.