This week there were five beta updates to the Steam Deck client – three of which made it to the stable update on Wednesday. The remaining two updates – shipped on Thursday and Friday respectively – gets a few fixes for Steam Input gyro and Desktop Mode.

Wednesday - Stable Steam Deck Client Update

Wednesday’s update covers every update that came from the beta branch, including the updates on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Included in this update is an overwhelming list of changes, including the ability to take notes with the Steam overlay. See my post from earlier this week for more details.

Thursday - Steam Networking Fix

Some multiplayer games that use Steam networking should no longer break. Multiple DS4 gamepads can now be connected. Steam Input gets a few fixes for Nintendo controller gyro sensitivity and the gyro -> joystick (steering/yoke) mode. Desktop Mode gets four fixes.

Friday - DualSense Over Bluetooth Fix

Steam Input gets a fix for “stuttery output” with DualSense over Bluetooth when using gyro as joystick output. Desktop Mode gets eight fixes, and “improved performance of the Achievements panel for games with thousands of achievements.”