This week saw four beta client updates for the Steam Deck. Two of these updates occured on the same day on Thursday. As you might have predicted, most of these updates pertain to fixes for Desktop Mode, though we did get an option that fixes dropdown menus being unclickable with certain window managers.

Monday - In-Game Overlay and Desktop Mode Fixes

Two fixes for the in-game overlay regarding the controller summary layout preview screen and when showing a notification. Desktop Mode gets four fixes for emoticons, app icons in What’s New, low battery, and date/time tooltip on events rendering full screen.

Thursday - Improved Compatibility with Window Managers and Sound Notification Settings

Desktop Mode gets half-a-dozen bug fixes. A sound is played when displaying a notif toast. BPM also gets the sound effect where it was missing before.

A setting has been added to “improve compatibility with window managers that send an unfocus event before every pointer click event.” Enabling said setting “will fix dropdown menus being unclickable on these window managers.”

A few hours later, another beta update shipped with a fix for “viewing and closing a news event partially blocking mouse and touch input on the window.” Desktop Mode gets two fixes, a toggle was added to turn sound effects on or off for non-critical notifs, and the notifs settings page has been re-arranged. Some controls respond to changes in the global settings.

Friday - Desktop Mode Fixes

Desktop Mode gets two fixes for black screen at startup if the startup location was set to something prohibited by Family View, and the tops of some context menus not being interactable if they overlap the title bar. Incorrect date display has been removed on some “DLC hovers.”