This week saw two hotfixes for the stable branch, an update to the beta branch, and an update for preview users.

Stable: controller layouts are no longer forcefully updated when a game using game-bundled Steam Input API configurations updates their official configuration. A hotfix was released shortly thereafter “to fix a regression that caused some Steamworks enabled multiplayer game sessions to fail to connect.”

Beta: soundtrack playback controls have been added to both the library and the QAM. Steam Desktop Mode gets several fixes, a “Compatibility” tab gets added to change what version of Proton to use, and the in-game overlay/screenshot manager/player dialog gets some QoL improvements. The update was re-released with a few more bug fixes when signing in or downloading a game with a bandwidth limit set.

Preview: SteamOS 3.4.7 updates the graphics driver to improve performance with Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, although apparently the game still runs like trash.

And in case you missed it: desktop users got a sweet new beta update with improvements to the overlay, a new toolbar, game overview, a new notes app, the ability to pin windows from the overlay, a more useful notification system, an improved screenshot manager, and hardware acceleration for Linux users. Mac users will get hardware acceleration in a future update.

This update seems to have finally fixed that pesky Shift key issue, where the Steam client thinks you still have the Shift key held down when switching tabs, causing multiple games to get selected.

Cover image credit: Valve

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