Though you could freely work on your own Deck with replacement parts from iFixit, Valve has finally launched their service support centers. Now should you have broken parts and are too nervous to fix it yourself, you can send it over:

If you encounter an issue and need to send your Steam Deck for repair or replacement, devices will now go to one of our repair centers. Once there, our team will diagnose the device, repair if needed, then ship the fixed unit back to you.

The Steam blog post mentions that Decks that are under warranty will be repaired free of charge. Those that are not will be charged a fee, although they don’t mention how much it will be. It’s probably dependent on what needs to get fixed.

Valve mentions a few examples in which the warranty will be honored and which ones won’t. “An intermittent button input issue” will be fixed under warranty without charge. On the other hand, “if your dog gnaws on your thumbstick and breaks it,” you will be charged, even if you’re under warranty.

For the record, any hardware device that you get from Valve has a limited one-year warranty. You can see more details about this on their Steam support page.

To send your device to one of these repair centers, sign in to your Steam account and contact support.

I’m kind of curious how many repair centers there are and where they’re located. In any event, see more details from the Steam blog post.

Cover image credit: Valve