While Gamers Nexus had already revealed a couple of the differences between the LCD Deck and OLED Deck internals, a more recent video by iFixit reveals even more details.

All of the Phillips screws from the LCD model have been replaced with T6 Torx – both on the inside and on the outside. The reasoning behind this is so the screws don’t strip as easily while you’re taking them in or out. Only caveat here, is most households aren’t going to have a Torx screwdriver, since they are less common.

The four screw pillars – one located in each corner of the Deck – are now embedded with a metal thread. With this, the back cover isn’t screwed directly into plastic; metal threads won’t strip as easily as plastic.

Gamers Nexus had mentioned this already, but it’s good to re-iterate the shoulder button repairability. The shoulder buttons are now located on the thumbsticks rather than the daughterboards they were on previously. This makes shoulder buttons easier to repair, as you can simply replace it by getting a new thumbstick – less expensive than buying the daughterboard.

Thumbstick with shoulder button attached

With less clutter on the motherboard, the M.2 drive has been rotated 90 degrees, upside down. It no longer hovers over the Wi-Fi chip. This will prevent the SSD from emitting RF interference to the Wi-Fi module.

The daughterboards can now be removed without having to remove the triggers.

iFixit mentions “removing the screen is fairly straightforward” since the adhesive around the bezels is “relatively light.” Note, however, that due to the way the ribbon cables are oriented, you won’t be able to replace your LCD Deck’s screen with the OLED panel. The LCD’s motherboard also “doesn’t have the necessary chipsets to interface with the OLED screen; it’s simply not possible to do a straight swap.”

You won’t be able to replace the old touchpads in your Deck with the OLED ones either. This is due to the new touchboard having a six-pin connector as opposed to the old one having four.

OLED Deck - back cover off

As for the fan, it has been flipped over on the OLED model, and the metal chassis has been redesigned slightly.

Can you upgrade your old Deck with the OLED’s 50 Wh battery? No. It’s too thick to fit inside. The reason why it fits in the OLED model in the first place is because the OLED panel is thinner than the LCD panel.

Keep in mind that, the MicroSD card slot is still located in the back shell, so be sure to take this out prior to removing the back shell.

The battery is still glued. While the adhesive pads were done away with and replaced with four strips, the removal process is somewhat easier, but still a royal pain to take out.

See iFixit’s video for more details.

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