Some users have reported that using wired headphones on the Steam Deck OLED can result in audio crackling. I have not personally encountered this issue on my own unit (maybe the audio PCB is designed a little differently on the Limited Edition).

There’s one of two things that you can do if this is happening on your end. One is by simply getting in touch with Steam Support so you can RMA the device. Another is by applying some DIY tricks if you’d rather not wait for United Radio to fix it. Note that the latter is only a workaround and not a solution – you may experience Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues after doing this.

If you want to fix it yourself, you’ll have to take the back plate off. Towards the top-right is the audio PCB. There are two screws holding the PCB in. Disconnect the battery cable. Unscrew the screws. Use insulated/shrink tape on the PCB where the screw holes are. Put the screws back in. The tape will keep the screws from touching the ground of the PCB.

Steam Deck OLED audio PCB with taped screws Image credit: u/Chiny_1990

See the post from L0rdEnki on GitHub or one of the threads on r/SteamDeck for more info.

Thanks to sonic2kk for bringing this to my attention!

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