A little less than three weeks since the last stable update for the Steam Deck and we’ve got nine beta updates baked into today’s stable update.

I won’t be covering the bug fixes, because let’s be honest, the word “fixed” showed up in the search results 38 times. There’s just way too many to cover here, but a good chunk of them are dedicated to Desktop Mode. Some other fixes were made to the in-game overlay, Steam Input, the screenshot manager, friends and chat, and the server browser.

Some quality-of-life improvements made it in regards to notifications. Notification settings have had “small organization and clarity changes.” It’s been rearranged and some controls respond to changes in the global settings. Notification toasts added a sound effect. Non-critical notifications can have their sound effect enabled or disabled.

For Desktop Mode, there is improved responsivity of showing the systray menu, the incorrect date display on DLC hovers has been removed, and an error is now properly shown when failing to load existing awards. The desktop overlay gets a battery indicator.

The screenshot manager now remembers the last selection made for the privacy dropdown selector for local screenshots. Clicking (or tapping?) the large image in the right panel now opens a larger pop-up of said screenshot.

Aside from this there are quite a few fixes under the “Linux” category and some other improvements, but these pertain to the Linux desktop version of the Steam client. There is improved compatibility with window managers that send an unfocus event and a crash workaround has been added for NVIDIA GPUs.

See the full patch notes on Steam.