15 minutes prior to the launch of the Steam Deck OLED, a new stable Deck client update has shipped to all users. SteamOS 3.5 hasn’t finalized just yet, but I’ve got a hunch it will become stable within the next couple of weeks, just in time for when users get their Deck OLED.

First, “plugged-in” Decks can now use local game content transfers between different Steam clients on the same local network.

LAN game transfer toggle

Some visual tweaks have been applied to Home, Library, and other areas of the UI for “a more visually-rich experience.”

Steam Deck library visual tweaks

Soundtrack pages are now easier to navigate, with a “nicer layout.”

Steam Deck soundtrack layout

Supposedly games that support HDR have a badge now, although the only way I can verify personally is by using the HDR filter to sort my library and seeing the “HDR Support” text in the game details page.

HDR supported

Controller support details have been added or enhanced in some way. For instance, you can now disable Steam Input for a controller more seamlessly by going to a game’s controller configuration page, selecting the little cog icon, and disabling/enabling Steam Input from the dropdown menu. There are tabs to choose from when there are multiple gamepads connected. PlayStation controllers default to the game’s built-in support, and if that’s not available, it will switch to Steam Input.

Controller tabs

Aside from that, there’s the usual set of bug fixes, such as layout and interaction bugs in the Media viewer, games not being able to launch if it had new workshop content available and auto-updates were turned off, Remote Play fixes for Android TV and Intel iGPU hardware encoding, and a few fixes related to Steam Input.

See the full patch notes on Steam.

By the way, how’s everyone doing on getting a Deck OLED? Just managed to snag a limited edition model.