New Steam Deck client update has shipped to all users yesterday evening. One nice feature with this update, is there is less flashing on the screen when you open the Steam menu while playing a game and have a custom refresh rate set up. This was giving me a bit of a headache, so I’m glad to see the screen flickering has been reduced.

The Nearest scaling filter has been replaced with Pixel. According to the patch notes, this is a “pseudo-bandlimited filter for upscaling pixel art to non-integer factors without introducing aliasing.”

Pixel filter added to QAM

The HDR Debug Visualization setting has been moved from Settings -> Display to the Developer tab, and has been reset to “None” for all users.

HDR debug visualization option moved and reset to None

The Steam Workshop has received a few QoL improvements. For one, the subscriptions list has been re-designed and adds a few new ways to sort the list. The “local load order” of subs can be changed, subs can be disabled, and subs can now be added to collections. This, along with a plethora of other improvements.

Steam workshop for Fraymakers - game properties

As usual with each update, there are quite a few bug fixes, ranging from the “Friends who Play” section, to CoD Black Ops III crashing when a map was switched, to the Steam client downloading the Windows-only version of a game and trying to run it without Proton, to incorrect left trackpad haptic triggering on the OLED model, to additional artwork not showing up properly on the OST details page, to non-Steam shortcuts causing a crash, to Steam Cloud.

See the full patch notes on Steam.

WARNING: LGC will be shutting down March 7, 2024. See this post for more details.