The past few beta updates to the Steam Deck client have now been pushed to the stable branch. Notably, some fixes were added to Offline Mode, a couple of fixes to the on-screen keyboard have made it in, and the hot/cold temperature notification has temporarily been disabled “while we address issues with false postives.” Patch notes are as follows:

Offline Mode Fixes

We’re continuing to look at making the user experience of playing games without an Internet connection a better, more intuitive experience.

  • Fixed issue where rebooting while in Steam Offline Mode would cause games to fail to launch
  • Fixed the Cloud Sync error notification popping up when offline
  • Disabled Steam Offline Mode button when not connected to the internet, as trying to do this currently gets Steam Deck into a bad state.
    • This change disables this button but does not in any way affect your ability to play games without an active Internet connection.


  • Fixed styling for CJK keyboard glyphs so everything appears centered correctly on keys
  • Fixed Recommended Layout not always showing up for the author of controller configuration
  • Fixed CJK font issues in SteamOS updater when running on Steam Deck
  • Fixed focus issue when tapping the show/hide password button
  • Removed the gap between keys on the virtual keyboard for improved typing


  • Temporarily disabling hot / cold temperature notifications while we address issues with false positives

Patch notes can also be found on Steam.