This came a bit earlier than I thought, but it’s great nonetheless, as it comes with quite a few bug fixes.

First, in the Keyboard settings, you can now set the initial location for the OSK, as seen in the cover screenshot. It can be set on either the top or bottom, and this can be tweaked on a Desktop and Overlay basis.

Second, in your Steam library, you can now “fast jump” by letter by pressing left or right trigger.

Fast jump in Steam library

Got a ton of games? Like, over 10,000? Startup times have now been “reduced” for you.

Besides that, everything else is bug fixes, from Steam Input, Desktop Mode, and everything in between.

Patch notes, listed below, can also be read on Steam.


  • Reduced startup time for users with tens of thousands of games in their library
  • The Virtual Keyboard in the Overlay now remembers its last position
  • Added settings for initial location to show keyboard on desktop and in Steam overlay
  • Added fast jump by letter to library
  • Fixed Chord Hint Screen remaining shown after holding the guide button to turn off a controller in some scenarios
  • Fixed small movement of Virtual Keyboard when pressing shift in some themes

Steam Input

  • Fixed some inputs not showing up for the Steam Link App Touchscreen controller
  • Fixed several instances of Left Bumper/Trigger glyphs having the wrong background image
  • Fixed issue where a Team Fortress 2 Steam Controller startup sound was missing
  • Fixed some issues with Nintendo switch gyro drift calibration

Desktop Mode

  • Reverted back to old Game Info dialog that is accessible from the Friends List
  • Added alt-enter as a hotkey to exit Big Picture Mode
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode window not re-opening from double-clicking or selecting system tray menu options
  • Fixed Big Picture Mode window not displaying properly due to web GPU acceleration being disabled
  • Fixed issue where exiting Big Picture Mode would log out of Steam Chat
  • Fixed crash when opening Steam store
  • Fixed Steam library becoming unusable after applying a controller configuration