New Steam Deck client update has rolled out to those on the Beta and Preview branches. Particularly noteworthy changes include the addition of a temperature checker that warns the user if the Deck is outside the safe operating range, favorite/popular guides have been added as an option to the Steam overlay, and sounds are no longer played when an achievement has been earned. Besides this there have been several bug fixes, including performance issues for those who have a lot of screenshots, and issues with the Steam overlay for games that don’t have achievements.

Full patch notes – also available on Steam – are as follows:

  • Added favorite and popular guides to the Steam Overlay for easy access
  • Added notification when Steam Deck temperature goes outside the safe operating range
  • Achievement progress notifications (ie. You’ve collected 5/100 berries) will no longer play sounds
  • Resized virtual keyboard in Desktop mode to the appropriate dimensions
  • Fixed some performance problems for users with many screenshots
  • Fixed some navigation issues on an app’s Achievements page
  • Fixed some touch styling issues with the virtual keyboard
  • Fixed sound playing for achievement progress notifications
  • Fixed overlay menu issues with games that do not have achievements