Patch notes can also be read on Steam.


  • Fixes for quotes surrounding shortcut exe and paths
  • Made it easier to accept a game invite from the Quick Access menu. Selecting the invite will now prompt you to accept the invite, versus bringing you to the chat previously.
  • Added ability to retrieve Steam Runtime System Information
  • Improved UI responsiveness when reconnecting to Steam

Local Network Transfer

  • Fixed resuming a local network transfer of a game with next download in case it was manually stopped previously

Steam Input

  • Fixed crash exiting deadzone visualization
  • Fixed the physical input visualization only looking at the first connected controller
  • Fixed rumble for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers
  • Added support for the Razer Wolverine V2 controllers
  • Added the ability to reset the device input mapping in new Big Picture
  • Added the ability to install and uninstall the Windows Xbox Enhanced Features driver to the new Big Picture controller settings
  • Updated the Xbox Enhanced Features driver with the following changes:
    • Added support for Xbox Series X controllers connected via the Xbox Wireless Adapter
    • Fixed delay detecting hotplugged USB controllers, occasionally causing duplicate controllers in Steam
    • Fixed interference with the Victrix Control Hub after the steamxbox driver has been uninstalled

Remote Play

  • Added Turn Off Steam Link to the power menu