Ever notice the Wi-Fi icon has a yellow exclaimation point on it after resuming from suspend? That should no longer be an issue in today’s Deck client update (beta). There’s also a installation picker option if there’s multiple library folders, and a few fixes for Desktop Mode. Patch notes are as follows:


  • When installing a game always show the install location picker if there is more than one library folder, and automatically focus the default library folder when the dialog shows up
  • Fixed issue where Steam would be unable to connect in some cases after suspend/resume
  • Fixed issues where the main window would close and then be reloaded:
  • When selecting a friend in the previously or recently played
  • When selecting a guide in a game’s Community Feed
  • When selecting the “Downloading” label on a game’s detail page

Desktop Mode:

  • Center the popup controller configurator window when viewing controller layout
  • Fixed the old version of Big Picture Mode opening when hitting the Steam/Guide button on the Steam window
  • Fixed recently played games not showing up in the Recent Games shelf in library

Patch notes can also be read on Steam.