Today’s Steam Deck client update (beta) adds fixes for both Steam Input and Remote Play. Additionally, Left and Right Stick Deflection has been added as an option for gyro activation. Patch notes are as follows:

Steam Input

  • Fixed controllers being treated as Xbox One controllers by default when defining their layout
  • Fixed the L3/R3 buttons not being detected for some third party PS3 controllers
  • Added Left and Right Stick Deflection as an option for Gyro Activation Buttons. Stick deflection is no longer considered a part of “Touch” (Cap Sense) on SteamDeck.

Remote Play

  • Fixed getting the wrong personalization (colors, etc.) for streaming PS4 controllers
  • Fixed streaming Bluetooth controllers not turning off

On top of this, SteamOS (preview) also got a slightly more evil update. A preview channel regression preventing Resident Evil 4 from launching has now been fixed.

Patch notes can also be seen here and here.