Today’s update to the Steam Deck client (beta) mostly centers around bug fixes. Improvements continue to be made for users who are logging in with large libraries, the Steam controller shoulder button glyphs have been updated, and some instances in which focus was lost should now be fixed. Full patch notes are as follows:

  • Fixed some instances were focus was lost
  • More improvements to reduce login time for users with large libraries
  • Fixed issue where spotlighted games in the What’s New section could not be interacted with
  • Fixed some issues with trackpad typing
  • Updated Steam Controller LB and RB button images
  • Fixed Main Menu not adjusting size/position when adjusting UI scale
  • Fixed recently exported Controller Layout Templates not showing up in the Layout Browser
  • Fixed issue with sign in refresh UI when the user had already signed in once during the current session

Patch notes can also be viewed on Steam.