Yesterday’s Steam Deck client update (beta) has added a bunch of fixes, particularly for the Downloads page in Game Mode, the OSK, Desktop Mode, and the “New” Big Picture Mode. Patch notes are as follows:


  • Fixed downloads page crashing when starting in offline mode
  • Downloads page now properly responds to online/offline status
  • Virtual Keyboard now has a maximum width, so that it doesn’t stretch to an unusable size on large screens in Docked mode

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed issue preventing the Virtual Keyboard from accessing the clipboard and being able to perform paste operations
  • Fixed duplicate dialogs (e.g. uninstall dialog) after opening the standalone keyboard or controller configurator
  • Fixed regression where Browse Local Files was no longer working
  • Fixed circular download progress indicator being broken in game entry list
  • Fixed issue where the library UI would not render in offline mode

New Big Picture Mode

  • Fixed issue where custom artwork and local screenshots were not found when running with -newbigpicture
  • Fixed issue where transitioning from Desktop => BPM => Desktop would cause the Friends List to be signed out
  • Fixed issue where advanced display settings were not visible outside of the Steam Deck
  • Fixed issue where the old Big Picture Mode was started when the checkbox in Settings => Interface specified that Big Picture Mode should be the startup UI, even though -newbigpicture was specified.
  • Fixed Virtual Keyboard not working properly when brought up manually or by automatically by the game

Patch notes can also be read on Steam.