More fixes in yesterday’s Deck client update (beta). Xbox Elite and Switch Pro layout preview pages have been added, Desktop Mode got plenty of fixes, and there’s now an option to launch the new Big Picture Mode in windowed mode. Full patch notes are as follows:


  • Fixed issue where a browser opened by a game was sticking around after closing the overlay
  • Fixed launch options dialog not closing when cancelling game launch
  • Various fixes to make the UI scale better in higher resolutions
  • Fixed issue where the virtual keyboard would continuously be made visible after exiting a game
  • Added option to start in windowed mode under Settings => Display => Big Picture Mode => Windowed

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed several issues related to popup dialogs being sized incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where game hover UI would sometimes get stuck in the upper left corner of the UI
  • Fixed sizing of app details DLC hover
  • Fixed regression where clicking on DLC & “view all” in the dlc rollup not navigate to the store
  • Fixed “Move” and “Uninstall” not working in content management UI.

Steam Input

  • Added direct navigation to controller inputs and modes from the preview screen
  • Fixed the Xbox preview page layout having some incorrect items and missing others
  • Added a specific Xbox Elite layout preview page
  • Added a specific Switch Pro layout preview page

On top of this, both the stable and preview branches got a SteamOS update. Stable 3.3 got a hotfix “to enable compatibility with future input firmware.” Preview 3.4 fixes a graphics driver crash “when interacting with the map in Death Stranding Director’s Cut.” Finally, a Proton hotfix just went out for the DX12 update of The Witcher 3 “and it should run on Deck without manual steps now.”