Ready to head into some wild speculation here? Well good, because we might have some juicy info on the upcoming Steam Deck 2. Or maybe the Switch 2. Or some other handheld. That’s how murky this leak is.

If we head over to the Chiphell forums, a user had posted “gossip about a handheld device.” Note that this isn’t specifically referring to the Steam Deck 2 and could be referring to another device. Also we’re going to have to navigate these forums via Google’s not-so-great translator, since the original language is in Chinese (also using Notebook Check as an added resource). We don’t even know the background of this partcular “leaker” and whether or not the “gossip” could be valid.

The original post is as follows, translated via Google Translate:

Not true, because the sale is good, the flat screen will no longer be used. The original horizontal screen 900p + 90Hz + OLED(screen is heard. It may be changed later). Customized Ferrari engine 6-cylinder fourth-generation gasoline machine +160 horsepower motor(remember to divide by 10 oh)the supply of gasoline No. 8533 26 years q3-q4 release. The price should increase a lot. The existing model will continue to be sold as a low match.

Yeah. A “customized Ferrari engine” with 6 cylinders, powered by gas with 160 horsepower sounds a lot like the new APU Valve may be using in their next-gen Steam Deck. But if you’ll continue to bear with me here, Notebook Check was basically able to translate the details as follows:

  • a 6-core, Zen 4 (Hawk Point) APU with 16 compute units, or 8 workgroup processors (WGP)
  • LPDRR5X RAM clocked at 8,533 MT/s (no word on capacity)
  • 900p OLED screen at 90 Hz
  • Q3-Q4 2026 launch
  • “significant price increase” but Valve will continue to sell older units at a discount

No word on the amount of storage it will come with, or whether it will still be in 2230 form or not. If they’re going with a 900p screen, we can probably assume that the Deck 2 will retain the 16:10 aspect ratio of the original Deck and have a 1440 x 900p resolution.

Given that Griffais mentioned to The Verge that the Deck 2 won’t be out until late 2025 or 2026, the release date makes sense, especially given the fact the OLED model just shipped a few months ago and I don’t see them shipping a new device any time soon. I really don’t think Nintendo would wait that long to push out the Switch 2, so it’s a safer bet that the leak is referring to the Deck 2.

What do you make of this? Is this some random BS that someone decided to throw around just for the sake of attention? Or do you think it might contain some legitimacy?

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