Earlier today Valve released an update to the stable branch of the Steam client. Included in the update is an important fix for Linux and Mac OS users: filesystems that don’t support pre-allocation (FAT32 or ExFAT, for instance) should no longer fail when installing a game or a game update. For the Steam Deck, color quality has been fixed when streaming from a Linux host. A streaming connection should remain intact when Steam has been restarted.

There’s a few other fixes here as well, particularly when using Remote Play. Full patch notes are as follows:

Remote Play

  • Greatly improved desktop capture quality on Windows, now supporting variable framerates
  • Fixed crash on Windows when the stream resolution is changed
  • Fixed streaming connections failing after Steam has been restarted
  • Fixed Remote Play Together dialogs occasionally not resizing correctly
  • Fixed color quality when streaming from Linux to Steam Deck


  • Fixed game install/update failing for Steam libraries installed on a filesystem that does not support preallocation (e.g. ExFAT, FAT32)

Cover image credit: PCGamesN